This is one of the most comprehensive free resources that belongs in every game-artists’ library. This eBook covers everything from Sculpting, Color Theory, and Texturing and even how to set you up as a successful Freelancer. The book even has articles and workflows from studios such as Naughty Dog and Blizzard Entertainment.
In this eBook you will find information ranging from modeling & texture workflows to tips on working as or with outsourcing. This eBook features articles and workflows from studios such as Blizzard Entertainment and Ubisoft as well as tips and tricks from various freelancers in the movie and video game industries. This is another must read for any artist in the entertainment industries.
Our mission is to keep VERTEX books coming at a regular speed and to have them be free and always available for the user to download. With the launch of the first VERTEX we learned real fast the ultimate costs of free. Within the first hour we lost three servers due to bandwith exceeding it's limits. The only way we could keep them up was to pay out of our own pockets for them.
By donating to the project your donations will go toward dedicated servers with high speeds and high bandwith limits. The donations will also go towards future events and towards the research and development costs for the future.
If you would like to contribute to this please start by sending us your portfolio and three possible topics that you could cover. This is not just a call for content for artists only this is a call for video game developers in general.
Would like to be in VERTEX? But don’t really have the time to do an article well we always will have the pimp pages so send us some samples of work you would like us to feature.